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Heenali Patel is Editor-in-Chief for 1000women, and is a passionate campaigner for women's rights. She also works as the Communications Officer for feminist charity The Fawcett Society, and has a Masters in International Journalism.

shaista gohir 2016 Muslim women

Forced off the bus for speaking another language; shouted at in public for 'being different'; bullied, assaulted and abused for her sartorial choices. Hate crimes

south asians mental health

This month, the South Asian Diaspora Society at SOAS, London, hosted 'Decriminalising Minds', bringing together four young panellists to discuss South Asians and mental

Black LGBTQ+

What gives Black LGBTQ+ people around the world the strength to survive, considering the struggles they often face? Black sexual minority populations in Europe, the