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What is involved?

Once you have registered your interest with us, one of the 1000women team will contact you to arrange an interview either face-to face or over the phone. The interview can be conducted at a time and place that is convenient for you. The interview will last approximately one hour.

During the interview you do not have to talk about anything you would rather not discuss and can stop the interview at any time, without explaining why. With your permission, the interview will be audio recorded.

After the interview, the recording will be transcribed and both the recording and transcript will be saved to a secure, password protected computer that can only be accessed by the 1000women team.

There is also the option of writing your own story. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Do I have to participate?

Your participation is completely voluntary. Declining to take part will not influence any services you receive.

Will my story be kept confidential and anonymous?

Yes. Your story will not allow you to be identified. Your personal identity will be protected at all times. All the information will be stored securely. Whenever we write or talk about anything we have been told, we will never use your real name. Nothing you discuss will be linked to you.

However, if you would like to be open about your identity we can support you to do this.

What will happen to my information?

The transcribed data will be edited so any information that identifies you is removed unless you have explicitly requested to be open about your identity. We will then ask you to review the written account and comment on how you feel your story has been represented and whether you feel it is an accurate representation of your experience.

Subject to your consent we would like to share your story on the 1000women website.

What if I change my mind?

You have the right to withdraw at any time without giving a reason.

What if something goes wrong? Who can I complain to?

If you have a complaint, please contact Zahra Jamal, email: zahra@naz.org or phone on: 020 8741 1879

I am interested in telling my story, what’s the next step?

Please submit your contact information using the form above and we will be in touch very shortly.

Alternatively, email us at 1000women@naz.org.uk.